NEW! Apron front composite sink by Lenova!

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Lenova introduced the NovaGranite Composite Sink. This singular basin is part of Lenova's popular Apron Front Ledge Prep Sink Collection, a line notable for its sleek design and extreme functionality. The NovaGranite Composite Sink is crafted from a proprietary mix that is 85% crushed granite as well as other organic materials and binders. The high density of the granite makes the sink extremely durable and resistant to scratches, chips and stains. It also creates a high heat tolerance and can easily accommodate hot pans straight from the stove without danger of marring its finish. Currently available in either white or black, the 30" single bowl sink's distinctive stone front brings a touch of earthy elegance to the kitchen that is decidedly luxurious. The sink's unique ingredient list makes it fully recyclable and a smart choice for today's modern kitchens. In addition to its good looks, the NovaGranite Composite Sink offers the flexible design options of Lenova's award-winning Ledge Series with an engineered platform ledge that converts easily into a food prep center. Perfect for entertaining, the sink's optional accessories include a stainless steel colander, rollup grid drainer and bamboo cutting board that make it easy to prep food for a party or deal with piles of dishes.


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