JACLO's Website and New Price Book Features!

JACLO launched their 2018 price book this month. Here is a rundown of the great features the electronic flipbook offers! With thousands of sku's the online flipbook let's you key in what you need and takes you right there!

If you have not perused JACLO.COM recently make a point to check it out! 

Each product pages shows the available finishes and gives you the model number and price for that category-what can be easier when browsing with a customer! All of the specifications and installation instructions are available on the same product page-no need to go through various different layers to access technical information it is all right there!  

Another great feature is "My Project" where you can add items as you go that will compile into a project packet once complete. From there you can save,email, print or edit your project if you need to change products or finishes.  JACLO's forward thinking website features make quoting and entire bathroom a breeze! Picture of Product-Price-Cut Sheets-are all right there and ready to go with just a few clicks! 

Stylish collections in over 26 finishes from everything needed including shower rods and channel drains-Quote your next bath with JACLO!


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